There are many fad diets out there for weight loss, and I advise my face to face clients in Reading and online clients that many are pointless and can in some cases can be very dangerous and harmful to our bodies.
When I think about weight loss, I think about making it as a healthy lifestyle change and keeping the weight off for good.

#Tip 1 The number one important thing when trying to lose weight is eating regular meals on a daily basis (don’t try starving yourself). Think of your body as a furnace, to keep a furnace burning you have to keep throwing wood in there. Your metabolism is exactly the same, to keep your metabolism burning means you have to eat little and often to get the best results!
Portion control is 100% key to achieving a successful weight loss goal!

#Tip 2 Drink around 8 glasses of water a day this works out around 2 liters. Staying well hydrated is a great way to help flush out unwanted waste in the body, raises your energy levels, increases brain function and keeps joints lubricated.
Drinking half a liter (17 ounces) of water was shown to increase metabolism by 24-30%.

#Tip 3 Preparing your meals in advance will ensure that you don’t cheat on your diet. For example, on a Sunday, cook a week’s worth of lunches place them in tubs and freeze them!
Example for lunch: 1 Chicken breast, 1 small to medium sized sweet potato and a handful of veg. Season your food for taste.
Prepare snacks the night before, for example: natural Greek yogurt with berries and a handful of almonds.
This way you won’t cheat 🙂

#Tip 4 Don’t skip breakfast!
So many people don’t eat breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day and here is the reason. Your body has been in starvation mode all night, once you have woken up you need to kick start metabolism and get that fat burning cycle to begin!

#Tip 5 Become more physically active!
Being physically active will increase fat burning alongside with a healthy and well balanced diet.
70% of how you’re going to look is down to your diet and 30% is your training.
There are plenty of other benefits from being physically active for example:
It is a great stress reliever, improves energy levels, reduces the chances of high blood pressure, heart disease and osteoporosis, helps in the management of lower back pain, the list is endless.

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Written by: David Osborne

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