I was fortunate to go to David for some 1-on-1 training for a 30 day fitness challenge I had set myself. I saw David 3-5 times a week of which I enjoyed every session. David really does help to push you to really get the most out of each session. He’s down to earth and easy to talk to and very understanding if you have any injuries or problems and works with them in the best and safest way possible (I have back problems you see).

Besides the workout, he was able to help me with my healthy diet of which after the 30 days of training, for the first time ever, I had ab definition, toned muscles and not to mention I was lifting 3x what I could in the beginning. All in all, David is a terrific trainer and I would highly recommend at least trying his services, but as for the results and outcome from his training, He is definitely worth seeing! **David also took some before and after photos of me which im more that happy for him to share**

Written by: David Osborne

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