I would like to express my thanks to you as my personal trainer. You have been training with me for the last four months, and the difference I have experienced is quite amazing.

My goal was to get fitter and loss a bit of weight. Both have far exceeded my expectations. My fitness and stamina is vastly increased, so now I can go from one exercise to another with little or no delay, and keep going. My weight has steadily gone down, with a total loss of 10kg.

Your manner and approach to the training has been great. While pushing hard, it has always been at the right level for my fitness at the time. Your knowledge of the exercises, and the body, is very good, and you always keep my posture correct thought out. You manage to make the hard work fun, and it is always varied, you listen to what I say and adjust the sessions accordingly.

I would recommend David to anyone. At whatever level they may be.

Thanks, John Gill

Written by: PF Development

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