One exercise to avoid is the dumbbell side bend!

Here is my reason why I dislike this particular exercise. This exercise looks hard because it is hard. What I mean by this is when doing this movement we are forming lateral flexion on the spine and this is placing our bodies in a vulnerable position, even more so when holding a heavy weight as this can cause lower back pain.
Remember your core is designed to resist movement, not create it!

By doing this exercise we are contracting our quadratus lumborum otherwise know as the QL. Like any muscle when contracted and worked size increases, so for some people who are looking to lose those love handles you will infact have an adverse effect by pushing those love handles out.

There are other exercises out there you can use to work your obliques, for example: woodchops, broomstick oblique twist, side planks and more.

If you’re looking for a structured plan that will help you reach that fat loss goal and build a stronger core, then book in for a consultation today on 07852809096!

Have a nice day and train safe!

Written by: David Osborne

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