When weight training it is ideal to train between 45-60 minutes. This includes your warm up, dynamic stretching, workout, cool down and stretches. Weight training should be done a minimum 3 times per a week, for example Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. A good example for a training split could be Push/Pull/Legs or Chest & back/Shoulders & arms/Legs.
I never train arms on their own day as when performing the big compound movements i.e bench press, shoulder press, lat pulldowns etc, your arms will respond to these exercises as they are being worked as a secondary muscle to perform these big lifts. My advice is unless you’re looking to become a competitive bodybuilder there’s no need to dedicate 1 day a week to train arms when you can focus on working on a big body part and you can throw a couple arm exercises at the end of that workout.

On off training days it is ideal to work on rotator cuff strengthening exercises to prevent injuries, Abs, core and calves.

On weight training days to build muscle I typically perform around 3-6 sets per an exercise and stay in the 6-12 rep range when training my upper body. When training my legs I stick to the 12-25 rep range and lift as heavy as possible but keeping in this rep range.
Training this way I have found over the years my body responds very well to.

Women should lift too!

I love this topic, the amount of women I have trained over the years that think lifting weights will make them big. Trust me ladies it’s not that easy.
When trying to lose weight it is crucial to lift weights and perform a little bit of cardio.
When lifting weights it will help reshape your body whereas cardio on it’s own will allow you to lose fat and lean muscle tissue, which isn’t good as you won’t have any shape to you.
Another plus side to lifting weights is to strengthen bone density. As women get between the ages of 45 to 55 menopause naturally occurs, which means oestrogen levels decline and osteoporosis can develop. Osteoporosis is condition were bone density becomes brittle and bones are more fragile, so when having a fall the most common break is around the hip area. So my advice ladies is train for your future and live a long healthy life.

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Written by: David Osborne

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